What is Leeds City Lab?

Leeds City Lab is many things. It’s about people, places, ideas, conversations, actions, new ways of working. At the moment, it is a group of people who are making connections, talking and planning about how to do things differently, together, to make Leeds a better place. It’s part of a growing movement across the world that is intervening in the places they live.

We use the word Lab because we are interested in thinking about our city like a laboratory where we can experiment openly and together to find solutions that can make our lives better. Leeds City Lab is an open idea that is still emerging. We invite anyone who is interested to come on a journey with us to explore what’s possible.

The Leeds City Lab idea came out of a six month research project called ‘Leeds co-production lab’ funded by the N8 research network and the ESRC. The project was interested in the idea of co-production and explored how a group of partners in the city could come together to co-produce new ways of working. You can read the reports from this pilot project in the Resources section.

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